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TOTVS is changing the ticket opening process. We have a new Service Catalog, fully configured for your operation area. To meet this new concept, some product names will change. We are here to tell you about your experience beginning on April 5, 2021.

When you register a request for the Technical Support form, the fields presentation will behave differently, starting with the Country field. First, you will need to enter your country.


Then, the Macro segment field will appear. Here we have the first information related to the TOTVS Products restructuring. In this field, you will need to find your company's operation area. For example, if you work in logistics, you will need to find the TOTVS Logistics macro segment.


After this, the Product field will appear. From here, the behavior is very similar to the fields previously presented. In this field, you will have to find the TOTVS Product related to your area and for which you need support. Remember that some products' names have changed and became more intuitive and operation-oriented. If you need any help, access the TOTVS Products blog.


After you enter the product, the Module field will appear, followed by the Routine Grouper field.

This last field will not always appear, since it depends on the selected product and module. Some TOTVS catalogs do not need the Routine Grouper information for the service request.
After filling in the fields, you can go on registering your request.

That is not all: In the Macro segment field, we now have segmented products and Cross products. The segmented products are specific to only one operation area. The Cross products are those that attend all areas, no matter the customer. Therefore, pay attention to the products acquired, because you may need to inform the Cross Segments macro segment when opening a ticket.
Note that, when you select Cross Segments, a list of products such as Back Office, Performance, and Management appears.


You will also notice that we now have a specific Macro segment called Technology, and another one called Framework. Although they do not represent a market segment with their respective products, we divided these two categories to ease the customer access to more technical questions about the TOTVSTEC Platform, or even questions about the Framework of some product lines.


If you are a customer with a BSO contract with TOTVS, pay attention. Previously, you would register your tickets in specific modules called Customized Maintenance. But these modules were not a part of the products menu. So now, when you begin filling in the fields, follow the information for Macro segment, Product, Module, and Routine Group as in standard support service. Before you register the request, the "Direct service to BSO?" field will appear, allowing you to define if your request will go to the standard product team or the BSO team.


And there are more changes. The search filter for your requests has also changed. If you access the My Requests area, you will see that the Product, Module, and Routine Grouper fields now have complementary titles and contain both Technical Support and Cloud services. Each demand has its own names.


To prevent mixing your tickets with different catalog information, we now have the "Tickets closed before April 2, 2021" field. If you check this option, the system will update catalog fields with the product and module names employed before we restructured the TOTVS Services Catalog.


This means that you can check closed demands using the previous catalog, and current demands using the new naming standard for TOTVS Products. All separately and with no impact on your analyses.


The Manage Requests area has also changed. It allows you to manage your demands only for services still in progress with TOTVS. You can still check completed services in the My Requests area, leaving the Management option dedicated to demands still in progress with the support teams.


It is important to fill in the service catalog correctly since these fields determine the support
area that will receive your request and work on it. The more precise and exact you are on
these fields, the faster will be your support since we will route your ticket to the responsible
area from its the creation time.

If you still have any questions on how to register or check your requests in our Portal, don't worry; contact your support team using the Chat to speed up communication or talk to the Portal Support team, which is dedicated to helping you in browsing the TOTVS Customer Portal.

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